Please know that our Elders, Pastors, and Church Staff are committed to working together to continuously have a proactive approach to the needs of our church and community during this time, and always. 


Here is a summary of what we have established to be in harmony with government guidelines:


All church gatherings are canceled until further notice. 


What that means is this . . . 

All of the following activities are suspended from meeting in person:

Sunday Services

Gatherings at the church

Life groups

Teen Center or Youth Group meetings

Children's Ministry

Other Crossroad's Ministries and events

The church buildings will be locked up other than essential responsibilities.

This is a wonderful opportunity for incredible ministry. Here’s what to expect:


-Broadcast Sunday services will be available on our YouTube page, accessed through our church website at Click the black button that says "YouTube."

- You can also watch these on our Facebook Page. If you haven't already liked and started following our page, please do so! (The Facebook Page is in addition to the Facebook group.)

- We will also be posting video devotionals from Pastors and staff, along with video lessons from Discovery Island, Finders, and Youth Ministry. Please be on the lookout for these!

Fun fact: We looked at what a nearby church of 275 people had posted on Facebook. Their Sunday service post received OVER 1,400 views as of Monday afternoon when we looked at it on their page! This can be incredible ministry.  Please, like and share these videos on Facebook. It very well may be the only access your friends and family have in the coming weeks. 

Giving is essential during this time for several reasons:

First, giving is part of worship.  It is obedience.   It is part of our worship to return tithes to God and give offerings from our abundance.  

Second, our community will have many needy people during this time.  We should gather resources to have on hand to help those in need.

Ways to give tithes and offering:

Mail- Administrative staff will be checking the mail daily and processing all giving and tithes. You can mail in to 950 S Clinton St. Stockbridge, MI 49285

Bill Pay- Did you know.... if you have Bill Pay set up with your bank you can add Crossroads Community Church as a payee and they'll send us a check from you for free! All you need is our address- 950 S Clinton St. Stockbridge, MI 49285. The check will come directly to us with your name on it.

Paypal- You can visit our website giving page

for a link to our Paypal, which allows you to pay with your Paypal account or by using your debit card. 

If you have questions and would like help with setting up any of these methods please call the office 517-851-7075 and your call will be returned by end of business or call Shelly directly at 517-937-2794. 

Prayer and other Needs

Please, flood our email, message us on Facebook, or give us a call with your prayer and praise requests! We will email your prayer requests out by Thursday morning to the congregation. We ask you to participate in church wide time of prayer every Thursday at noon from your location, wherever that may be, for the requests sent in. 

Additionally, if you have prayer or ministry needs you can always contact your overseeing elder.

How can we stay connected?

-Call each other! Please contact the office if you need assistance in accessing our Instant Church Directory app. We also have paper copies available if you'd like one mailed to you.

-Send thinking of you letters and cards to those who may be isolated.

-Watch the broadcasts and share them. 

If you'd like to send a short  encouraging video or message from you or your family during this time,  we would love to share it!! Please, email it to . 

With Love and prayers,

Crossroads Community Church