What does it mean that you are Baptist?

It means that we honor our tradition of being people who are committed to honoring the authority of God’s Word, and sharing His love with everyone we encounter.  Many of the people who attend C3 Church would consider themselves to be a follower of Jesus Christ more than a “Baptist.”  We have people from a variety of denominations who make C3 their home.  Whether you grew up Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, or Non Denominational, we welcome you!



Why doesn’t your building look more like a church?

We outgrew our older building and discovered that this office building could be used to meet in for worship.  The fact that our facility doesn’t look like a regular church is a good thing to us.  We don’t want people to assume that we are “just like all the others.”  The fact that we are different is illustrated in the facility that we have.



Will I be singled out or asked to do anything?

No.  You will not be singled out or asked to do anything.  We don’t want anything from you.  We want something for you.  We want you to feel comfortable to “kick the tires” at C3 Church.



What do you have for my children?

A lot! Our Discovery Island is the best hour of your kids week.  From ages 0-5th grade, your children will engage in fun and creative lessons that are designed to help them connect with God.  Middle School and High School students participate in what we call “Crossroads 180” This high octane youth ministry is designed to help your teens connect with God and connect with other teens in a safe and fun environment.



What can I expect when I walk in the building?

You’ll find a smiling face and a hand to shake yours.  From there you’ll be directed where Discovery Island is if you have any children.  Be sure to stop by and get a cup of coffee and muffin to eat. Someone will hand you a bulletin which talks more about the church.  All our rooms are clearly marked so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding where you need to go.  When you enter the worship center you can feel free to sit anywhere you like and wait for the service to begin.