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A disciple is a "follower." In our culture, the word "follower" means something very different than it did in Jesus' time. When Jesus called people to "follow" him, he was calling them to learn what it meant to die to themselves and live for him. 


Disciples of Jesus believe that he is our Lord and Savior; therefore, we intentionally learn from him, increasingly submit to him, and irreversibly become like him.



Women's Groups

Monday E/O 6am- Bonnie Davidson
Tuesday E/O 6am- Kate Bancroft
Thursday E/O 7pm- Erika Alley
Thursday E/O 7pm- Sarah Lilly


Men's Groups

Tuesday- E/O 6am- Brian Bancroft
Tuesday- E/O 11:30am- Mike Beverly
Tuesday- E/O 5:30pm- Clint Doxtator
Tuesday- 2nd / 4th 8pm- Scott Alley
Wednesday- 1st/3rd 8:30pm- Josh Lilly
Thursday- E/O 8pm-10pm


Get in Touch

If you would like more information about joining a discipleship group at Crossroads Community Church, please contact us and we can let you know which groups are available to join!



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