Tithes and Offering

Click this donate button for general offering at Crossroads Community Church and the outreach programs that we support every day.

Fellowship Fund

We keep a special fund for those in need.  All applicants go through a screening process and they must be from the Stockbridge school district to qualify.  

Teen Center

Click the button below to give towards the teen center!

*Note* If there is a specific item, cause or program you like to support, please specify in the notes section of PayPal. 

Bridge Builders Ministry

Bridge Builders is a ministry that mobilizes our Stockbridge Community to serve our neighbors who could use a helping hand. 

Impact - Bus fund

This is intended for continued fund raising for the Impact Youth Ministries bus fund. Bus will used for youth centered transportation to various activities!

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program with foundations firmly established in Biblical truth. Click this donate button to support Celebrate Recovery.

Youth Event

This is intended for payment for youth events, trips, and sponsorships.

*NOTE* Please specify event and/or intended child to receive payment in the note section of the Paypal giving link. 

Building Use Fees and Deposits

This is intended for payment of building use fees and deposits for building use not related to Crossroads Community Church's  events and activities.