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“Less than 10% of professing Christian students have a biblical knowledge that allows them to explain salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, or what it means to be a Christian” - (Vodie Baucham).


My aim is to ensure that our youth leaders are equipped to help our students form a strong biblical foundation as they mature into Christian men and women.


I believe our youth need four key things during the middle school and high school season of life: First, they need a strong foundation built on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, they need discipleship from faithful parents and/or church leaders, so they can mature as Christians. Third, they need a good understanding of scripture, and how to use God's word to navigate life. Finally, they need to have fun with their peers as they experience this maturing together into young Christian adulthood!


These four areas are my primary focus while teaching and caring for the youth at Crossroads Community Church.


I have been married to my beautiful wife Tabetha since 2011 and she is the absolute best wife that God has ever created. We have five wonderful boys: Marcell, Jaiden, Josiah, Grayson, and Gibson. By God's grace and mercy, my wife and I are first generation Christians! This is exciting, as we now get to raise a second generation into God's kingdom!


In addition to working as the director of Student Ministry, I also own a fence construction business and small family farm. When I am not working or ministering; I enjoy playing chess, shooting guns, backpacking, and playing card games/board games.


If you have a child that is middle school or high school age and are interested in learning more about ‘Impact Student Ministry’, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to get to know you and have your child(ren) join us as we have fun, worship, and study God’s word!

John Burke - DIRECTOR OF YOUTH MINISTRY 517-851-7075 ext 4
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