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God put a love for music, art, and nature in my heart. I am moved by it, driven by it, and drawn closer to God through it. Serving the church in worship is something I’ve been doing for around 35 years in a variety of churches and in varying capacities. I started singing harmony at a very young age, something that came naturally to me and I began singing in a trio at 16. We recorded an album and traveled around singing at different churches. After starting a music major in college and struggling with an eating disorder for several years, God sent me my husband Mike, a man who wouldn’t let me run away. Mike’s major was Inner City Ministries. We started doing youth ministry at my home church for a couple of years where a visiting prophetic speaker called me out of the crowd and told me to buy a keyboard. He told me that Mike and I would go to places most other people wouldn’t go and that I was supposed to play music for them. ​My husband is a gift to me. He has led me to do many great things with my life. He has encouraged me to get the keyboard, try out for various worship teams when I insisted that I wasn’t good enough, and does his best to move me forward. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Ember and India and an awesome son-in-law who I pray will come to know God. We own a sound production company and during the summer you may find that we are gone a lot as we do festivals throughout the state on weekends. I teach music lessons from my home.  I’ve been teaching music for 17 years now and really enjoy working with people of all ages to help them develop their skills. God has blessed me richly and I hope to use what He has given me to give back to Him.  

Growing up in the church, my mom was the Organist at Wellsville United Methodist in Blissfield, MI. I took piano lessons at 7 years old, and violin at 10. Mom would have me play special music in front of the church that always embarrassed me. I hated all the attention and wanted to hide. Over the years, I have learned that it’s about the Lord working through me, and the attention is on him. Thinking back to the Old Testament, sacrifices were required by God. An offering of the best of the flock without blemish would be killed and burned on an altar to cover sins. God would smell the offering as the smoke wafted to heaven and if that sacrifice was indeed the perfect, spotless animal, the act of obedience and the smell of the meat, the Bible says, would be pleasing to His nostrils. I pray that my obedience and my offering would be a sacrifice of praise that is a pleasing fragrance to Him. 

Director of Worship
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